What is massage?

Massage stretches the muscles to relieve tension and improve fluid circulation. Massage effectively relaxes not only the muscles but also the mind.

Why to get massage?

Often, the client will primarily experience the pain for which he or she is seeking relief. Massage can also be your own relaxing time, without distractions.

How often?

It is completely individual, depending entirely on the condition of the client's muscles. If muscle tension has been acquired over many years, it is good to remember that treating them also takes time.

Jenna Reijo

I am a massage therapist from Turku. I offer clients a classic massage that is always implemented to the client's individual needs. It is especially important to me that the client is always pleased and gets help with the muscle tension they have experienced.

I do not have my own personal office where I work for massage, so the whole treatment takes place in the client's own home. You don't have to go anywhere, the massager arrives at your home. I work as a massage therapist in addition to my day job, so I do massages in the evenings and on weekends.

I do massages from the Turku region about 30 km further according to the price list. For more distant destinations, travel costs will be added per kilometer.


  • 25 min | 28€
  • 50 min | 38€
  • 75 min | 53€
  • 110 min | 63€

  • Only cash is accepted.

    Please inform us of cancellation as early as possible. If you forget to cancel your treatment of less than 12 hours, 50% of the cost of the treatment may be charged.


I work with a business ID (3016133-1) and customer's personal information or discussions are not shared with a third party.


Email: reijo.jenna@gmail.com

The place of massage is the customer's own household.

I do massages in the evenings and on weekends.